The Nexen HTX RH5 is a state-of-the-art highway terrain tyre that boasts excellent handling, stable cornering, and exceptional drainage in wet weather conditions.

Key Features

  • Increased sipe density combined with a zig-zag tread pattern ensures enhanced traction and braking for a safely managed drive.
  • Unique sipes inside the tread grooves provides excellent self-cleaning characteristics.
  • Multi-sequence centre and shoulder ribs assist in noise reduction and wear protection.

Performance Category: Comfort SUV

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
235/75R15 109S109S734
265/70R15 112S112S752
215/85R16 115/112Q115/112Q772
225/70R16 103T103T721
235/70R16 106T106T735
245/70R16 111T111T749
255/70R16 111S111S763
255/65R16 109H109H738
265/70R16 112S112S777
225/65R17 102H102H724
225/60R17 99V99V702
235/70R17 111T111T761
235/80R17 120/117R120/117R808
235/60R17 102V102V714
235/65R17 108H108H737
245/65R17 111H111H750
245/70R17 110T110T775
255/65R17 110S110S763
255/70R17 112T112T789
265/65R17 112H112H776
265/70R17 121/118R121/118R803
225/60R18 100H100H727
235/60R18 103V103V739
235/55R18 104V104V716
235/65R18 110H110H763
245/60R18 105H105H751
255/65R18 111T111T789
255/70R18 113T113T814
255/55R18 109V109V738
255/60R18 112V112V763
265/65R18 114S114S802
265/60R18 110H110H775
275/65R18 116T116T815
285/60R18 116V116V799
245/55R19 103T103T752
265/50R20 111V111V773
265/50R20 107V107V773
265/50R20 111V111V773
275/55R20 113T113T811
275/60R20 115S115S838